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Lifting business to create a better future.

Welcome to the 6 Star Business Community Foyer!

Hello there, thank you for coming by to look at what the 6 Star Business Community is all about.

We'd like to thank you for dropping by and rubbing shoulders with us before heading through the big doors (below) to the Main Community Area, where our 6 Star fun and transformation happens.

Want to know what goes on in there?

Okay great.  Let me tell you.

Connecting, networking & getting together

6 Star Meet & Greet

Well firstly, we Connect, Learn and Grow - simply from connecting with each other and joining regular events and gatherings.

Every few months we have a 'Meet & Greet' event (aka - 6 Star Networking) where we have a laugh, forge connections and meet all the new people who've joined us from around the world.

6 Star Leadership Lounge

Our flagship experience is a fortnightly event called the Leadership Lounge, where we invite a member to share a story to the group that's followed by intimate discussions and sharing from everyone present. During these sessions we unpack, peel away, question, learn and evolve our thinking and understanding on what it means to be 6 Star.

These are topics chosen by a member, that's related to our 6 Star Genius Model (see below), and has challenged them at some point in their journey, and they share what they've learnt from it and what challenged them the most. The group have the opportunity to add to the learnings, ask questions, and explore the topic further. 

These sessions are hugely powerful, fun, engaging, interesting and supportive. (It's also a great way to get to know the other 6 Star Community members).

Picture: the 6 Star Genius Model

Transforming into a 6 Star Business

6 Star Transformation Series

We are committed to helping people learn and grow into the 6 Star version of themselves, their business and their clients' businesses. So, we're working on creating a Transformation Series that will be available to members only.  This will be facilitated and delivered by members and other experts in their fields.

Stay tuned for these exciting opportunities... 

Connecting, Conversing & Collaborating

Collaboration Corner

We have a place for members to collaborate and share their business services, projects, and what it is that they are looking for in a collaboration. We invite and encourage members to frequent the Collaboration Corner so they can find out what people are up to, and find ways for them to collaborate with other 6 Star members.

We know that when we collaborate together, we do better, and achieve more. This is a core element of a 6 Star Business and so we want people to feel that collaboration is a natural part of their business life!

Spotlight on a Member

We regularly spotlight one of our members so people can get to know them better, reach out directly and connect! It's a great way to get profiled in the Community whilst increasing your known network of 6 Star people. These are hugely popular and people love getting to know others this way!

Podcast Topics

We talk about the latest episode of the 6 Star Business podcast each week and expand on the highlights and key takeaways.

Questions, Polls & Conversations

In addition, we also have ongoing questions, polls, and different topics that people talk about.  There are plenty of ways for people to connect and collaborate, and it's happening all the time!

In Summary...

There you have it my friend!

If this sounds like a place where you'd like to be on a regular basis, then please join us.

We believe that together we can do more and be more 6 Star.  That's why we're here, and hopefully it's what you're looking for too.

Quality people who do business differently, who care for each other, and who genuinely want to make a difference in the world.

I hope to see you inside the Main Community Area very soon.

Any questions, please reach out here.

Your 6 Star Host - 

Aveline x

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